fruitlab organic Jasmine liqueur

FRUITLAB liqueurs add depth and body to cocktails by bringing the flavor of whole fruits, flowers and real cane sugar to your glass. These liqueurs are bright and flavorful by design and contain a third less sugar than most.


Floral and exotic, this rich liqueur works well with brown-spirits, as well as island- and asian-inspired cocktails. Also great with sparkling wine.

FRUITLAB organic jasmine liqueurJasmine Fizz

1 oz FRUITLAB organic jasmine liqueur
4 oz organically grown sparkling wine
2 dashes BAR KEEP Swedish Herb bitters
Pour liqueur and bitters
Top with sparkling wine
Garnish with flower


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Cocktail of the Week

1½ oz SLOW HAND six woods whiskey
1 oz FRUITLAB orange liqueur
1 oz FRUITLAB jasmine liqueur
½ oz fresh lemon juice

Glass Types: Rocks
Shake all with ice
Pour into rocks glass
Garnish lemon wedge
Makes drinker carbon negative for 1 day

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