IXÁ Organic tequila

The ancient Maya believed in magic water and so do we. We make IXÁ with fully matured agave plants and traditional techniques which are becoming increasingly rare -- like slow, clay oven steaming, and fermenting & distilling with agave fibers. All this to produce a tequila worthy of the gods.


Rich, complex and with the softest finish, IXÁ captures all aspects of the agave plant in harmony.

IXÁ Organic tequilaIXÁ Hibiscus Margarita

1¾ oz IXÁ organic silver tequila
1 oz FRUITLAB organic hibiscus liqueur
½ oz organic fresh lemon juice
¼ oz organic agave nectar
Shake and pour all out into rocks glass
Garnish with orange wheel


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Cocktail of the Week

1 oz TRU garden vodka
1 oz GRAND POPPY bitter liqueur
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz fresh lemon juice
2 slices cucumber

Glass Types: Martini
Muddle cucumber + add the rest
Shake with ice + strain into martini glass
Garnish with cucumber ribbon or slice
Makes drinker carbon negative for 1 day

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